Financial Performance Analysis

We will analyze your company performance in 24 different business-critical benchmarks against business in your sector operating both in the local and international markets, measure your score periodically and create action plans to constantly improve it.

  • How is your profitability compared to your competitors?
  • How could you improve your pricing strategy if you can benchmark your profits?
  • What are your financial and operational risks that you are aware of and even those you do not recognize yet?
  • How is your performance in payables, receivables, and inventory management compared to your competitors?
  • With VALURA, enjoy your customized digital management dashboard and monitor yours and industry's performance on a single interface.

With VALURA system you will be able to assess the benchmarks like risk analysis, profitability analysis, financial health, growth performance, cash flow in periodical details. In this way, you will discover which operations are better performing than your competitors and in which areas you need an improvement.

By accessing to a simulation tool in the VALURA system, you can better optimize your company's assets and resource allocation. This way, you can manage your financial resources, reduce your debt and extract the capital you need to grow more efficiently.

Regularly monitor your business performance on VALURA Digital Management dashboard that is fully customized to your business. With your KPI set developed by your director, always keep your business “fit” Video

What gets measured get improved. You can not improve the performance if you do not measure it.