HR Score

HR Score holds the pulse of the most important asset of any business; the human resources.

Insights and feedback from each employee are collected, analyzed and converted into measures and figures on VALURA dashboard to be translated into action.

Outputs of this module are Corporate Satisfaction Score and Management Assessment Survey.

With VALURA HR Score module, it is easier to identify efficiency triggers and act in real-time to create a first-class company culture.

With HR Score;

  • + Measure employee experience and organizational health periodically,
  • + Increase participation within the organization,
  • + Act fast based on data to solve the problems,
  • + See how your actions impact employee efficiency and corporate KPIs,
  • + Decrease undesired and costly exhaustion,
  • + Improve employee experience in every area,
  • + Measure the leadership skills of each manager,
  • + Ensure each manager to have actionable insights to improve the employee experience.

With VALURA analysis, you can measure fluctuations in participation and take one step at a time to improve experience faster than ever.

Generate different reports in these criteria;

  • + Experience,
  • + Age,
  • + Gender,
  • + Department,
  • + Education,
  • + Blue or White Collar,

Analysis That Directly Impact Efficiency and Profitability

With customizable and predefined action plans, enable managers to lead the change and monitor progress. You can take counteractions against changes and trends without negative effects on the business with periodical analysis.

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