Corporate Value Maximization System (C.V.M.S.) is a set of business analysis tools that aims to increase the performance and value of the business by fivefold.


The purpose of C.V.M.S. is to create in-depth insights for the managers to make the most accurate decisions.

It achieves this target by analyzing business functions such as HR, customer, sales, strategy, corporate finance, operations with tools such as scenario analysis, financial planning, simulation, data visualization.

C.V.M.S. offers actionable steps to harmonize the current performance with its future plans of the business.

For example, C.V.M.S. analyzes the operational performance of the company from different perspectives, compare it with the strategic plan, and identifies the successful and failing outcomes of the business. Thus, C.V.M.S. reports provide vital support for sustainable growth and value maximization.

The modules that create the C.P.A.S - Corporate Performance Analysis System;

  • Company Valuation (More)
  • Recasting and Financial Audit
  • Pareto Sales Analysis and Segmentation (More)
  • Human Resource Score (More)
  • Customer Score and NPS (More)
  • InvestMeter - Investor Attractiveness (More)
  • 360⁰ Business Analysis - Corporate Governance Level (More)
  • VPI - VALURA Performance Indicators (More)
  • Financial Performance Analysis and Optimization (More)
  • Strategic Growth Plan and Cash Flow Simulation (Detay)
  • Road Map and Action Plan

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