With the C.V.M.S. - Company Value Maximization System, increase the company profit and value by 54% in 12 months.

  • 1. AI-powered intelligent algorithms apply 125 different analyses that include the company valuation.
  • 2. C.V.M.S. detects inefficiencies that destroy an average of 35% of company profit.
  • 3. Experienced advisors create company-specific action plans to increase performance, profit, value and investor attractiveness.

Packages Constituting the Company Value Maximization System

VALURA Service Packages VPR + C.V.M.S.
InvestMeter - Investor Attractiveness Analysis (Details) + +
Corporate Governance Score (Details) + +
Projection and Cash Flow + +
Company Valuation (Details) + +
Macroeconomics and Sectoral Analysis + +
Comparative Financial Performance Analysis and Optimization (Details) + +
VPI - VALURA Performance Indicators (Details) + +
Strategic Growth Plan and Cash Flow Simulation (Details) + +
Road Map and Action Plan + +
Pareto Sales Analysis and Segmentation (Details) +
Human Resource Score (Details) +
Customer Score and NPS (Details) +
VALURA Premium
Pareto Sales
Human Resources
Customers Score &
  • With 2-year planning and implementation, the glassware industrial company was prepared for company sale and being sold 32% above its current valuation.

  • By strategically re-focusing the dairy company, it started a global branding initiative. Not only 10 million TL worth of loan-based CAPEX was canceled, and the idle fixed assets thanks to the new focus were liquidated.

  • Thanks to the financial planning optimization of the construction materials industrial company, $2 Million of bank loans were paid off just before the global economic crisis. Hence the company not only survives but thrives the crisis.

  • The geographical focus of the cosmetics company was shifted from Europe to Asia, allowing it to double its turnover as a result of attracting investment from an Asia-based cosmetics distributor.

  • The industrial food company, experiencing financial difficulties, was reorganized. It attracted investment from the VIC Investment Club and started its journey to become a global franchise chain.

  • The defense company has doubled its turnover and profit within 1 year by re-focusing on the most competitive services.

  • The publicly traded industrial company reduced its product range from 1500 products to 500 products. It liquidated $ 2 Million of inventory and paid off all short-term financial loans just before the economic crisis. It also helped it to increase its operating profit margin by 5%.