VPI - VALURA Performance Indicators

You Cannot Improve Any Performance If You Do Not Measure!
VALURA created the most relevant KPI metrics based on access to data and impact on the business among hundreds of existing KPI's. This way any business will have the chance first to measure and then to improve its performance for each department. With VPI set;

Start leveraging your data.
Regardless of the scale, each business generates millions of data. Selecting, storing and analyzing data among Big Data is critical for the success of any business. VPI module is based on the most refined data set to measure and improve your business performance. It is not too much nor too superficial but perfectly structured to your needs and time. This way, you will get the chance to grow your business based on analytical decisions.

Create visually rich reports.
Enriched performance sets with interactive graphs will help you to better analyze your team's performance. Both eye-catching and comparative but simple VPI set will guide your action plans.

Create a data culture.
Although everyone in an organization wants to succeed but they are struggling to benchmark their performance due to lack of clear success criteria and expectations. VALURA presents various performance indicators to the organization. When the business starts using data as a compass, team performance will soar.

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