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You can achieve better growth performance by getting an investment from our “Growth Capital Investment Program”.

If your company meets the criteria below , please fill the application form. We would be happy to know you and your company.

First, we would match the current performance of your business with our investment criteria. Companies matching criteria will have the opportunity to get investment between $1.00.000 - $10.000.000.The investment process begins with the VALURA Premium Report.


  1. Business : The company is operational for over 4 years with a minimum turnover of $3 Million and generating positive operating profit.
  2. Growth Capital : The company should have the potential to growth 5 fold within 5 years and the investment must be used to fuel this growth.
  3. Corporate Governance : Transparency, fairness, accountability, and responsibility should be non-compromised principles of selected companies.
  4. Management Team : Shareholders and top executives must have the vision and motivation to expand the business to a global scale.
  5. Differentiation : The enterprise being a fast company should own a niche with high global potential.
  6. Shares : VIC members own a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 75% share in the company.
  7. Investment in a Single Enterprise : Varies between 1.000.000 USD up to 10 Million USD.
  8. Target Sectors and Companies : Any enterprises not in need of intensive fixed asset investments (CAPEX) as well as property, hotels, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Important Note: All shared information is protected with the utmost care and can only be used for analyzing the needs of businesses. Such information cannot be shared with third parties without written consent.