360o Business Analysis

Out of 100 companies, 90 would be closed within the first 10 years of operation which is often referred to as Death Valley. Additionally, 80% of these businesses who are survived never exceed 500,000 USD turnover and only 1% do exceed an annual turnover of 10 million USD. *

Only 6% of these businesses have the “fit” structure for sustainable growth.**

Shareholders must develop owner-independent and system-based businesses for sustainable growth, value increase, and investor attractiveness.

Shareholders should not be “in” the business rather be “on” the business. There is a direct correlation between owner engagement and sell-ability of a company. Video

VALURA developed 360o Business Analysis to identify corporate governance level and at what extend the company run by systems.

With 360o Business Analysis, VALURA analysis your business under five different management functions. 360o Business Analysis consists of Strategic Planning and Organisation, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, and Information Technologies.

360o Business Analysis maps the areas your company needs improvement so you will have a better understanding of how close your company is to a system based business rather than one depending on over-performing individuals.

Your 360o Business Analysis score can increase or decrease your company value by +/-10%. Each section has different weight in VALURA algorithm.

360o Business Analysis Score is one of the most important analyses that impact the value of your business. Based on your results, VALURA creates your customized Road Map and Action Plan.

Your VALURA Directors will assist you to create a more structured, system-based and owner independent company.

360° Business Analysis

VALURA INDEX is a scoring system that measures shareholders' performance to maximize company value, as well as the company's potential.

VALURA Index is the combination of Financial Performance Analysis, InvestMeter, 360° Business Analysis, Customer Score, and NPS and HR Score performances.

The 360° Business Analysis Score monitors the corporate governance level of the company.

The adjacent chart shows the average, lowest and highest scores of all VALURA companies.