Investor Attractiveness Score

Out of 100 businesses seeking investment or exit only 9-15 of them is able to close a successful deal. Yet, 97% of those businesses do not have the best condition or readiness to close a deal.*

Each business has a market value no matter what their sizes are. However, having a market value does not mean that the business is sellable or attractive to an investor. As a solution, VALURA developed InvestMeter that analyze businesses based on 20 different investment guidelines.

InvestMeter analysis and scores businesses based on investor's selection criteria. The score measures the investment attractiveness of a business. Also, the tool creates a roadmap to maximize sell-ability.

Your InvestMeter scores can increase or decrease your company value by +/-10%.

Measure the investment attractiveness of your business, get informed on how to prepare your company for a sale. Get your roadmap to increase your company's attractiveness.