Strategic Growth Plan

We have developed tools to sharpen your company's growth plans.

With Strategy Checklist; you will be able to analyze the market niche your business should focus on and with free cash flow analysis you will determine the financial output of your plans.


  • You can distinguish your competitive market focus,
  • Question your growth plans based on product, customer and channel decisions,
  • Simulate the growth and profitability rate and see the effect on free cash flow,
  • Calculate your financing costs and needs based on your investment and growth decisions,
  • Simulate your cash conversion cycle and estimate the required funding,
  • Monitor the impact of the investment of your fixed assets on your company's value.

Based on your simulations sharpen your growth and profitability plans as well as investment decisions.

VALURA Directors can help you to evaluate which scenario will have the highest positive impact on your business to generate more value for your company.

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