VALURA INDEX is a scoring system that measures shareholders' performance to maximize company value, as well as the company's potential.

This methodology; merges the company's 125 different performance indicators, mainly financial, operational, exit readiness, human resources, and customer experience, to a single score and measures all sector companies in these standards.

It includes the evaluation of all elements that will make the business successful, valuable, and attractive. The Score is calculated by the combination of InvestMeter Score, 360° Business Analysis Score, Financial Performance Score, HR Score, and the Customer Score.

With this study, the management, investors, and shareholders have the opportunity to benchmark the business performance with their sector peers and other companies in the same county. This gives them the opportunity to assess the general course of the business in a single performance indicator.

A score above 70+ points should be considered successful. Any score below 70, the company should implement the Action Plans indicated within the Road Map to improve its performance.

To create a business that is attractive to the investor, running on shareholder-independent systems, and independent from any customer, supplier, or employee, the company should perform over 70 + Points.


The adjacent chart shows the average, lowest and highest scores of all VALURA companies on a global scale.