Company Valuation

When businesses request an objective and realistic company valuation, they prefer VALURA, which has the most comprehensive company valuation software.

The company valuation study, which is a sensitive analysis, requires the blending of up-to-date and detailed data with experience.

With its award-winning algorithm, VALURA determines the current market value of the business by instantly analyzing the share prices of 72.000+ public and private companies operating in 94 sectors in 107 countries.

The main reason why VALURA is demanded across the world is that it calculates the company value by considering financial data together with 60+ intangible values such as the sector of the business, size, duration of its activity, growth rate, investor attractiveness, level of institutionalism.

For example, are the values of two different companies equal even if their sectors, sales, profits, growth forecasts, and even the number of customers are equal? A good analysis should not only consider financial data but also value intangible assets that create real company value.

Another important issue that VALURA makes a difference is that it calculates the company value using separate algorithms according to the operating period of the business (early stage, growth, rapid growth, and maturity period).

VALURA considers different variables such as the current risk of a country, financial gains, beta, discount ratio and uses these variables in company valuation.

With VALURA you can:

  • Find out the value of your intangible assets such as brand value, market awareness, human resources, licenses and patents
  • Benefit customized value maximization roadmap and action plans.