Company Valuation

When businesses require an independent and realistic assessment of their company valuation, they choose VALURA.

Company valuation is a sensitive study that requires combining up-to-date and audited data with experience and in-depth knowledge.

VALURA software analyzes recent deals of 72,000+ public and private company operating in 107 countries with its award-winning algorithm and determines the most accurate market value of any business.

The main reason behind the global demand for VALURA services is its capability to consider 60+ intangible assets like sector, size, growth rate, investment attractiveness, corporate governance, in dependency as well as financial data.

Could two different company operating in the same sector, generating the same turnover and profit possibly have the same company value? A good analysis should not only consider financial data but also value intangible assets that create real company value. Video

VALURA also makes a difference by; applying different algorithms to every company based on their maturity level like (start-up, growth, early maturity and maturity).

VALURA considers different variables such as the current risk of a country, financial gains, beta, discount ratio and uses these variables in company valuation.

With VALURA you can:

  • Learn the value of intangible assets like brand equity, human resources, licenses and patents.
  • Benefit customized value maximization road map,