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VALURA Investment Club (VIC) helps its members to invest in companies offering low risk, high growth potential worldwide.

Why should you join VIC?
VALURA, the leading advisory in company valuation and business analytics, extensively analyzes hundreds of companies out of thousands of candidates every year thanks to its collaborations with institutions like Chambers of Commerce and Businessmen Associations. It identifies a limited number of high potential enterprises and presents them to its member investors by clearly shaping the deal structure.

VIC has the experience to distinguish between diamonds to shine in the future (3%) and businesses that appear to be diamonds.

VIC does not invest in large-sized businesses with low growth potential as well as start-ups with high-risk. On the contrary, it invests in small and medium-sized “niche” businesses that can transform traditional sectors.

While VIC maximizes company value, it also plans it’s exit scenario. This creates the fundamental for company’s growth plans.


  1. Operating for 4+ Years: The businesses we evaluate are those that have pasted the death valley and ready to strive in the growth phase. Thus, we keep the survival risk at minimum.
  2. Pozitive EBITDA : The business must have a certain size and maturity with its products and services. Selected businesses should have the potential to at least triple their profits.
  3. Growth Capital : The investment must be used to fuel the growth of the business and must be invested in the company.
  4. Corporate Governance : Transparency, fairness, accountability, and responsibility should be non-compromised principles of selected companies.
  5. Management Team : Shareholders and top executives must have the vision and motivation to expand the business to a global scale.
  6. Growth Potential : The enterprise should own a niche with high global potential and act as the fast fish creating a clear differentiation against the competition. It should be able to grow 3 times its current performance in the next 5 years period.
  7. Shares : VIC members own a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 75% share in the company.
  8. Investment in a Single Enterprise : Varies between 250.000 USD to 10 Million USD with an average of 1 Million USD.
  9. Target Sectors and Companies : Any enterprises not in need of intensive fixed asset investments (CAPEX) as well as property, hotels and pharmaceutical sectors.

VIC Contribution
VIC not only chooses high-potential enterprises and fuel with growth capital but reveals the potential of the invested company. It provides a global perspective with international growth experience. It applies financial engineering to create healthy cash flow with a reporting system. It maximizes operational efficiency, and provide Executive Board representation. Improves the talent management of businesses. VIC redesigns product, channel, customer mix. It sharpens its growth strategy and implements performance metrics. VIC also ensures that businesses are subject to periodical internal auditing.

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