Business analysis is an important study that enables determining the current status of the business, its assets, and development processes. These analyses reveal the current status of the business and enable it to plan for the future more effectively. Business analysis can also be defined as "the process of examining both the internal dynamics and the market to ensure that the business takes advantage of the opportunities in its environment and to eliminate the possible risks".

What is the purpose of business analysis? Business analysis reveals the position of a company compared to other companies. Based on the report of the analysis, the works to be performed can be planned to improve the position of the company. This report takes into account the conclusions drawn from the analysis of the company's assets, capabilities, and activities, as well as the conditions of the competitors. Thus, the strengths and weaknesses are determined, and the works are progressed accordingly. Thanks to these reports, processes of critical activities and success factors are determined, and they ensure the survival of the business undamaged in the competition process. Companies that conduct business analysis can rapidly generate solutions to current problems and present new methods and strategies.

Importance of Business Analysis As the competition has been increasing each passing day in this world, innovation, which progresses in line with the speed of change and development, has made business analysis very important. These analyses must be carried out regularly to survive in a competitive environment, to adapt to changing conditions, and to meet the demands of customers completely.


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