Privacy Policy

We value your personal data.


The website, which can be accessed from the address of on the internet and where various services and content are offered within the framework determined by VALURA, shall be hereinafter referred to as "Website".

Please read this agreement thoroughly before accessing or using the "Website". By accessing or using the website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below.

“VALURA” may make amendments in this agreement at any time and these amendments shall become effective immediately upon publishing the amended agreement on the Website. You agree to periodically review the agreement to become aware of such amendments, and the fact that you continue to access or use the Website shall be deemed that you accept the amended agreement.

Your personal information and ideas you share with us by visiting the "Website" and/or sending your "Application" shall be protected based on the following principles.

"Our Party" shall mean VALURA.

1. Definitions
"Application": The application made by the user to VALURA by filling out the "Registration Form" on behalf of the Company.

"Information": All of the information including "Personal Information", "Site Visit Information", "Classified Information", “Business Information”, and “Public Information” is defined in this agreement.

"Site Visit Information": All of the information including IP address, geographic location, web browser type, sender source, visit duration, number of views per page/content, etc. during the "User's" visit to the "Website".

"Confidential Information": "Confidential Information" is defined as all information that has been disclosed or not disclosed to the public before or that the "Company" may disclose when necessary in accordance with the "Agreement" including tax statements, financial information, all data, samples, technical and economic information, commercialization, research strategy, product planning on which it has the exclusive and independent rights legally, all intellectual property applications including ideas or concepts, products, services, software, inventions, patents, algorithms, formulas, technology, designs, diagrams, drawings, engineering and hardware information, source code, trade secrets, financial planning, customer lists, markets, account reports, product pricing and marketing, financial plans and business plans, and know-how.

"Personal Information": Information including the name and surname of the person, the organization he/she is employed, title, trade name, address, e-mail address, all kinds of landline, mobile phone, and fax numbers.

"Company": The natural and/or legal entity whose name is written in the "Registration Form" in the "Website" and who fills in the "Registration Form" and sends it online to VALURA on its own behalf and who becomes a party to this Agreement by electronically approving this Agreement.

"User": It is defined as all of the natural and/or legal entities who visit the "Website" for any reason and in any way, and all "Companies" that are "Registered".

"Registration Form": The electronic form which contains the "Personal Information", "Confidential Information" and "Public Information" defined by the "Company" in this agreement and is sent by the "Company" to VALURA electronically.

"Public Information": It is defined as all kinds of information and all kinds of data containing information, all proprietary intellectual property applications, including sample, research strategy, product planning, idea or concept, products, services, software, inventions, patents, any form of knowledge including algorithms, formulas, technology, designs, schematics, drawings, engineering and hardware information, source code, trade secrets, financial planning, client lists, markets, account reports, product pricing and marketing, financial and business plans, and know-how on which the “Company” does not have an exclusive and independent right to use and disclose or any information previously known to others outside the “Company” and/or disclosed in any way with or without the consent of the “Company” or produced by these persons to persons outside the “Company”.

2. Information We Collect
I. Information about your visit and use of the "Website".
II. Information about the transactions and applications you have made on the "Website".

3. "Website" Visit Information
I. Information including IP address, geographic location, web browser type, sender source, visit duration, number of views per page/content, etc. may be collected during your visit to the "Website". This information can be used for the purposes of managing the website, increasing the usability of the website, and marketing.
II. This 'Website' uses 'cookies'. The text file sent by the webserver to the web browser and saved by the web browser is called a cookie. This cookie file is sent to the server every time the browser requests a page from the server. In this way, the web server identifies and tracks your browser.
III. Website may send cookies to you to be saved on your computer's hard drive. The information obtained using these cookies can be used for the purposes of managing the website, increasing the usability of the website, and marketing. Also, this information can be used to recognize your computer and customize the website for you when you visit our website. In addition, our advertisement service providers may also send you cookies.
IV. Most browsers have settings that prevent accepting cookies. Please review the help files of your browser for this issue. However, if you do not accept cookies, it will greatly reduce the usability of many websites, including our website.

4. Use of Personal Information
I. The personal information you provide to this website is used for the purposes set out in the privacy policy or described on the relevant pages.
II. In addition to the uses specified in other articles of the privacy policy, your personal information may be used for the following purposes:
Make your visit more efficient by customizing the website.
Your personal information shall not be shared with third parties for direct marketing purposes unless you give your consent.

5. Other Information
In addition to the purposes set out in other articles of the privacy policy, we may use your personal information for the following reasons:

6. International Data Flow
The information and ideas we collect from you may be stored or processed in other countries in which we operate, provided that they are used in accordance with these privacy principles.

7. Security of Personal Information
We shall take necessary measures to prevent the loss, misuse, and alteration of your personal information and ideas. However, since the data flow over the internet is inherently insecure, we cannot guarantee the security of this data flow over the internet. It is your responsibility to keep your password confidential. No one shall ask you for your password in any way. Website management cannot access your password without your information and consent.

8. Trademarks, Intellectual Property Rights, and Copyrights
All rights of the "Website" belong to VALURA. All information such as software, products, logos, trademarks, information, reports, images, and graphics published on these web pages are protected by national and international laws and conventions. VALURA, as a service and content provider, has no responsibility under the relevant legislation.

The "User" accepts and undertakes that he shall not reproduce, copy, distribute, process, send the products, information, all kinds of databases, images, texts, icons, visual and audio images, video clips, files, website, software codes, HTML code, and other codes, etc. and designs, catalogs, and lists on the "Website" partially or completely, online or by using any other method.

All kinds of information and materials in the "Website" cannot be used in a different way by revising partly or entirely, making additions to, or changing a part of the "Website".

Any information (textual or visual) that can be obtained from the "Website" cannot be used without adding the phrase "© 2017, All Rights Reserved".

The warnings and information in parentheses related to registered trademarks, services, logos, etc. belonging to third parties or organizations in the content of the website shall not be removed when they are cited from the website.

9. Rights and Responsibilities
All rights of the "Website" regarding the usage and content are reserved. All rights of the website belong to the owner, VALURA Turkey. Unauthorized use is prohibited by law.

10. Third-Party Websites
This website contains links to other websites but does not transfer confidential information. We are not responsible for the privacy principles and obligations of these other websites.

11. Contact
You can contact us about the Privacy Policy through the following e-mail address: [email protected].