Pareto Sales Analysis and Segmentation

We have developed tools to maximize the operating profit by analyzing 80/20 Pareto Analysis.


Products & Services

The VALURA system analyzes the products and services offering of the company in turnover, profitability, inventory management and creates a quality score for each product. This analysis, outlines the inefficiencies of the product range and creates action plans to improve it.

Why it is important?

Most of the cases, 80% of business profit and turnover comes from 20% of its products. The analysis reveals the products the business should drop and nurture. In addition, Pareto Sales Analysis evaluate which products make the real profit with product mix optimization. Profits are also optimized with less inventory.


VALURA C.P.A.S analyzes the customer mix with the same approach. In these analyzes, the systematic approach applied to the customers.

Why it is important?

Likewise, 80% of the profit and turnover of the businesses generated by 20% of its customers. This analysis reveals how the business should reorganize its relationship with each customer. In addition, Pareto Sales Analysis evaluates which customers generate real profit, optimizes customer mix, and inefficiencies are detected by the analysis.

Thus, a more focused structure and optimum use of human resources are ensured and the structure necessary for growth is created.