Become a VALURA Director

Join the next-gen financial technology and advisory firm

  • Valuation, Analytics, and Advisory Firm

    Join VALURA, the most advanced company valuation and analytics advisory firm that combines data analytics, exit planning, business coaching and investment management. You are invited to be part of our global expansion. VALURA analysis most current data of thousands of companies operating in 107 countries in 94 sectors and offers a strategic and financial road map for businesses.

  • Growth Capital Investment Program

    Our VIC Investment Club growth fund invests in VALURA portfolio companies to leverage sustainable growth. Additionally, we may introduce VALURA companies to the right strategic and financial investors in 95 countries. You will assist your local companies to prosper and add value to its shareholders.

  • Your Own Workplace and System

    VALURA offers a comprehensive turnkey solution that Region Directors can apply within their own regions. All necessary tools for your success are presented in our systems. You will become a part of a unique system. You set your own work hours and achieve a balance between social and work life.

  • Successful and Experienced Team

    You will become a member of a high-achievement team with at least 20 years of business and management experience. You will experience the synergy of a group instead of working on your own. With VALURA, you will benefit from professionals with experiences in economics, finance, investments, tax, and technology.

  • Start Earning from Day One

    Due to the nature of advisory, creating a differentiating service, establishing sales and marketing, manage a professional web presence and online assets, IT infrastructure, strong references, and tested concepts take long years. With VALURA, you can have all competencies from day one and start to earn income.

  • Ongoing Training and Development

    In order to become a Regional Director, each candidate should accomplish a comprehensive and intense training program. Our training is not performed once but is constantly provided. You will have senior team members who will support you in your region.

  • Be Part of Your Local Community and Social Development

    Your every step can support the growth of businesses, increase their value, and the development of your society. Thus, you can create new jobs and sustain local progress. VALURA supports rescuing lives of thousands of babies due to insufficiency with the cooperation with UNICEF. You can become a part of this process that we are very proud of.

  • Who should become VALURA Region Director

    If you have 20+ work experience, have financial literacy, an expert in your field, positive and open-minded, excited about supporting business development in your region, becoming VALURA Region Director might be the right option for you.

  • What service will I provide as VALURA Region Director?

    Role of VALURA Region Director is to guide the business owners to make the right strategic, financial, corporate, and operational decisions by putting the “data” to the core of the decision-making process. Directors help business owners to create “fit”, “sell-able", and “value maximized” businesses. In order to do so, Directors helps the owners to understand VALURA digital management dashboard, implement VALURA methodology and constantly improve its performance. VALURA offer 2 services; VALURA Premium Report and Corporate Performance Analysis System.

  • How would I allocate my time as VALURA Region Director?

    At the very beginning, you will spend most of your time prospecting and pitching to medium-sized business in your region. Later on, your time would shift to applying for Corporate Performance Analysis System. Under all conditions, professional time management must be your most important competence.

  • Do I need a consultant background?

    No. But, you need a strong business background. If you have managed a business or worked in financial institutions, Region Director may be the right move for you. In any case, you will have all the knowledge and tools for success.

  • Can I offer VALURA services to all sizes of companies?

    Absolutely! In terms of sales volume, you can add value to all business with $ 1 Million or higher turnover. All you need is shareholders who want to grow their companies and achieve more valuable business.

  • Can I have exclusivity in my region?

    Yes and no. Size of the city/region you are covering will determine the number of Directors.

  • How can I express my interest?

    If you think that VALURA Region Director is the right opportunity for you, please complete and share the application form below.

  • Step 1 - Phone Interview and Meeting

    irst, you will have a phone conversation with VALURA top management. This step will help you to understand correlative expectations and at what level you will be a good fit for this long journey.

  • Step 2 - Face to Face Interview; NDA, Evaluation Test, VALURA Demo and Agreements

    The second step contains face to face interview in VALURA office. As singing the NDA, you will experience the VALURA demo presentation. Additionally, you will receive operational and legal documents for detailed analysis.

  • Step 3 - Analysis and Documentation

    After receiving legal documents, you need to make your own due diligence. Prepare your question, consider our responses to clarify the process and make up your mind.

  • Step 4 - Signing Agreements, Entrance Fee and Training Organisation

    If you are excited about services and future vision of VALURA, take the first step to become part of our team, sign the Region Director agreement, and book your training after fulfilling necessary obligations.

  • Step 5 -Training Camp and Orientation

    We will host you in our training center for full 3 days long detailed training. Training includes one-to-one interviews, group work, workshops, case studies, and presentation techniques are organized for VALURA members to offer the highest level of service. At the end of the training, in addition to additional readings, field tools, and support materials, you will have VALURA Region Director certificate and start to increase the value of businesses in your region!