Become a VALURA Partner

Join the most comprehensive company valuation and business analysis company!

  • The Most Comprehensive Company Value Maximization System

    C.V.M.S is the most comprehensive company value maximization system. Auditing, accounting, consulting, and M&A firms are welcome to benefit from a white label solution from VALURA. AI-powered big data analytics crunching internal and external business data from 107 countries to create insights and a roadmap.

  • Your Company With a New Engine

    VALURA offers its partners a comprehensive turn-key system to generate new and additional revenue. Add the company value maximization system to your current service offerings and enjoy new customer segments, higher satisfaction, retention and customer acquisition.

  • A Global Network with Successful References

    Join a group of successful implementers. C.V.M.S served thousands of companies in 67 different sectors. Enjoy success stories, exit cases and high-growth companies from around the world. Benefit the synergy of a system.

  • Turn Profit from the First Day

    VALURA offers a successfully proven marketing methodology to its partners. The system starts generating leads within the first month.

  • Continuing Training and Professional Development

    Those who complete the intensive training program will access the cloud-based analytics system. VALURA provides constant training, audits and technological developmets to maximize customer satisfaction.

  • Our Venture Club

    VIC Investment Club invests in high-potential growth companies worldwide. Moreover, our partners and accredited investors offer Smart Money to support their growth.

  • Support the Development of your Region and Society

    C.V.M.S will support the growth of local businesses that would fuel the development of the local community. Thus, companies will create new employment opportunities and sustainable businesses in the region. With the cooperation with UNICEF, VALURA financially supports thousands of children to hold on to life again every year. Be part of our vision to create a better world.

  • Who should adapt C.V.M.S?

    If your firm is an audit, accounting, consulting or M&A company C.V.M.S would be a perfect fit for your service offering. Any company with broad geographic coverage is welcome to discuss the white label system.

  • What are the services C.V.M.S provides?

    C.V.M.S provides company valuation and business analytics solutions that offers a methodology for exit planning and company value maximization. C.V.M.S assists company owners in accomplishing data-driven decisions on strategic, financial and operational topics. Essentially, the system will enable business owners to understand and correctly interpret "data" to achieve more "fit", "valuable" and "exit ready" companies.

  • Do we need a background in consulting?

    Yes and No. Financial literacy is essential. One should have in-depth experience in business financials, operational excellence and moderate knowledge of mergers & acquisitions. Relationship building is crucial when dealing with C-level executives. VALURA would be providing training and constantly supporting the advisory practice.

  • Does C.V.M.S suitable for all sizes of companies?

    The system adds value from start-ups to multinationals. VALURA developed different algorithms for each life cycle of the business. As long as the shareholders are eager to grow and create a more valuable business, C.V.M.S. delivers measurable results. The best C.V.M.S candidates are industrials with fifty-plus employees with a turnover of over ten million USD.

  • Do we have exclusive rights for our region?

    Yes and no. the size of the region determines the number of Partners assigned to that region. For example, the number of Partners using the white label system varies in Montenegro compared to France.

  • How can I better understand the VALURA system and what to the next?

    If you believe your firm could offer C.V.M.S services in your market please fill in the application form.

  • Step 1 - Online Meeting

    As a first step, please fill out the application form for us to better understand your company. The first step will help us to assess mutual expectations.

  • Step 2 - Non-Disclosure Agreement, C.V.M.S Demo and Agreements

    After an NDA, we will present a demo of the system. Also, we will deliver operational and legal documentation for your consideration.

  • Step 3 - Analysis and Documentation

    You should conduct your Due Diligence on the legal documents. Address your questions and discuss all the issues with us.

  • Step 4 - Signing of Contracts, Fees, and Training

    If you are excited about the cooperation, take the first step to experience C.V.M.S by approving the terms. Book your training and finalize financial dues.

  • Step 5 -Training Camp and Orientation

    We will host you in our training centre for an intensive 3 full days training program. The training program, which includes one-on-one interviews, group studies, workshops, case analysis, and presentation techniques, is organized to enable you to provide service with the highest quality to your customers. At the end of the training program, you will receive all necessary documentation, tools and supporting materials. After the training, you will immediately begin to increase the value of the businesses in your region!