Businesses need to be institutionalized to be managed by systems independent of individuals. The most important component of institutionalization is Human Resources and the heart of this process is the Performance Evaluation System.

The main purpose of performance evaluation is to identify the contribution of the employees to the improvement of work processes and to establish a culture that enables them to take responsibility in proportion to their skills, thus improving their performance. Evaluation is the process of making a judgment about one's level of success at work. An employee evaluation which is based on objective and numerical data reveals the employee's level of competence in his/her job. The Performance System should be a simple, clear, transparent, and fair system, it should reflect the improvements and provide feedback.

The targeted benefits of performance evaluation are as follows:

  • Improving communication and relations and ensuring peace in the environment,
  • Improving communication and relationships and establishing peace in the environment,
  • Identifying the weaknesses of the employee and providing governance strengths,
  • Improving employee loyalty,
  • Identifying existing and potential problems,
  • Identifying the training needs and development requirements of the employee,
  • Ensuring the career development of the employee,
  • Enabling successful individuals to be included in the system.

Requirements for the success of the Performance Evaluation System

  • Top management should support the performance evaluation system with their words as well as their behaviors,
  • Middle management should be involved in the implementation of the system and they should set their objectives,
  • The efficiency of the system should be measured and updated according to the results of the application.
To conclude, considering that the utilized skills develop and those that are not utilized become atrophied, it is very important to evaluate the employee performance. Since those showing high performance will quickly consolidate their position in the business in the future, great importance should be attached to the performance evaluation studies, which will allow this.

Managers should distinguish between the performances of their employees by establishing an effective and objective performance evaluation system, and they should act in line with the results of this system. This will both motivate the employees and facilitate establishing a healthy organizational structure.

Necla Konukcu / Director
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