Investor Attractiveness Score

Only 7%-15% of the companies that seek for sale/investment can achieve a successful closing. However, 97% of businesses are not eligible to be sold or invested.*

Every business has more or less value in the market. However, the fact that a business has a value does not indicate that it is eligible to sell/invest. In line with this fact, VALURA developed InvestMeter, which analyzes businesses according to 20 different criteria that investors consider while making investment decisions.

InvestMeter analyzes the businesses and gives them scores according to investor preference criteria. This score measures the investor attractiveness of the business. Moreover, it produces a roadmap for the company to increase its performance.

Your InvestMeter score can increase or decrease the company value by 10%.

With InvestMeter, you can measure the attractiveness of your business for investors, find out how ready your company is for sale or investment, and create action plans together with experienced VALURA Directors based on your score.


VALUE INDEX is a scoring system that measures shareholders' performance in maximizing the company value, as well as their potential.

VALUE INDEX is a combination of the results of Financial Performance Analysis, InvestMeter, Corporate Governance Score, Customer Score and NPS, and HR Score.

The InvestMeter Score measures the attractiveness of the business for investors and its readiness for investment.

This chart shows the average, minimum, and maximum scores of all VALURA companies.