Corporate Governance Score

90% of the new businesses close in the first 10 years, which is called Death Valley. Additionally, 80% of these businesses who are survived never exceed $500,000 turnover and only 1% do exceed an annual turnover of $10 million. *

Only 6% of businesses have a “fit” structure for sustainable growth.**

Shareholders must develop businesses that are independent of the persons and managed by the systems for sustainable growth, value increase, and investor attractiveness.

The value of the company is directly proportional to the time that the shareholders "over" the business instead of stay "in it".

VALURA has developed Corporate Governance Score to determine the level of institutionalization of your business and to what extent it is managed by systems.

With the Corporate Governance Score, VALURA detects and analyzes the status of the business in terms of five different management functions. Components of Corporate Governance Score: Strategic Planning and Organization, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, and Information Technologies.

With the Corporate Governance Score, you will identify the areas requiring improvement in your company and learn how close you are to a company that is managed by systems and independent of people. VALURA will create a customized Roadmap and Action Plan for you according to the results of the analysis.

In the VALURA algorithm, each part and question has a different weight; the Corporate Governance Score is a significant analysis that impacts and improves the value of your business.

Your VALURA Directors will support you in developing a more institutionalized and more valuable business.

Your Corporate Governance Score score can increase or decrease the company value by 10%.

Corporate Governance Score

VALUE INDEX is a scoring system that measures shareholders' performance in maximizing the company value, as well as their potential.

VALUE INDEX is a combination of the results of Financial Performance Analysis, InvestMeter, Corporate Governance Score, Customer Score and NPS, and HR Score.

Corporate Governance Score measures the attractiveness of the business for investors and its readiness for investment.

This chart shows the average, minimum, and maximum scores of all VALURA companies.