HR Score

Human Resources Score feels the pulse of human resources, which is the most important resource of the business.

The opinions of a wide group of employees representing all employees are collected, analyzed, converted into figures, reported in rich graphics, and action plans are created accordingly.

The outputs of this study are the Corporate Satisfaction Score and Management Evaluation Survey.

VALURA HR Score module facilitates identifying triggers for experience, engagement, and productivity so you can act in real-time to create a world-class company culture.

With HR Score you can,

  • + Measure employee experience and organizational health periodically,
  • + Improve the employee engagement within the organization,
  • + Take action quickly based on data to solve the problems,
  • + See how your actions impact employee productivity and corporate KPIs,
  • + Decrease undesired and costly exhaustion,
  • + Improve the employee experience of each employee in every stage from hiring to discharging,
  • + Measure the leadership skills of each manager through their teams,
  • + Ensure each manager has implementable insights to improve the employee experience.

With VALURA analysis, you can measure fluctuations in engagement and progress step by step to improve the experience faster than ever before.

With the VALURA HR Score module, you can generate separate reports according to the following criteria;

  • + Experience,
  • + Age,
  • + Gender,
  • + Department,
  • + Education,
  • + Blue or White Collar,

Analysis that Directly Impact Productivity and Profitability

With customizable and predefined action plans, you can enable managers to lead the change and monitor the progress. By conducting periodical analyses, you can take counteractions against changes and trends avoiding their adverse effects on the business performance. Create your free report now by entering the VALURA Company Value Maximization System.

Understand what activates your team and build company culture with C.V.M.S.

HR Score

VALUE INDEX is a scoring system that measures shareholders' performance in maximizing the company value, as well as their potential.

VALUE INDEX is a combination of the results of Financial Performance Analysis, InvestMeter, Corporate Governance Score , Customer Score and NPS, and HR Score.

The HR Score reveals the motivation, loyalty, and satisfaction of the most crucial asset of any business; human resources.

This chart shows the average, minimum, and maximum scores of all VALURA companies.