Pareto Sales Analysis and Segmentation

We have developed tools to maximize operating profit, manage resources properly, and perform 80/20 Pareto Analysis.


Products & Services

VALURA Pareto Sales Analysis analyzes the products and services offered to the market by the business in terms of their turnover, profitability, and inventory management. It calculates the Quality Score for each product.

This analysis, which reveals striking results, presents the inefficiencies in the product range of the business. It generates action plans in line with the results.

Why it is important?

Most businesses generate more than 80% of their profit and turnover with 20% of their products. The analysis set in which we question this theory reveals the need for simplification in the product range of the business.

Pareto Sales Analysis evaluates the products that generate the actual profit of the business. Profit maximization is achieved through the optimization of the product mix. Thus, the business prepares the product and service portfolio on which it will build its future.

Customers and Channel

Pareto Sales Analysis Report analyzes customer and channel mix using the same approach. These analyses also take into account the due dates for sales to the customers.

A Quality Score is assigned for each customer and channel, taking into account the profitability, due date, and turnover.

Why it is important?

More than 80% of the profit and turnover of most businesses is performed by 20% of their customers. This analysis reveals how the business should rearrange its relationship with each customer.

Moreover, Pareto Sales Analysis evaluates which customers generate the actual profits, optimizes customer mix, and detects inefficiencies.

The segmentation analysis creates customer segments and a relationship management plan for each segment. This ensures a more focused structure and optimum use of human resources while creating the required structure for growth.