Strategic Growth Plan

We have developed tools to help you clarify the growth plan to be implemented by your business in the coming years.

The strategy study will enable you to analyze the focus of your business, while the projection cash flow analysis will enable you to analyze the financial reflections of the growth plan of your business.

For example,

  • Determine your market focus based on your competencies,
  • Question how you will grow in terms of new products, customers, and locations,
  • See the free cash flow your business will create by a simulation of your growth rate,
  • Analyze the financing cost you have to pay in the coming years by simulating your profitability,
  • Calculate the working capital required for your growth by simulating your cash-to-cash cycle,
  • Measure the impact of investments on the market value of the business by simulating your fixed asset investment.

Thus, you can clarify the growth plan, profitability plan, and investments of the business by making simulations instantly.

With the support of VALURA Directors, you can evaluate which scenario will have the greatest impact on the future value creation of the business.