With the Company Value Maximization System (CVMS), businesses not only access the most comprehensive analysis set, but they also have a clear roadmap for being a more valuable and attractive company.


After analyzing and valuing thousands of companies in detail, we identified a few common problems in all companies regardless of their sector and volume.

Shareholder dependency, poor cash flow, unhealthy balance sheet structure, falling profit margins while increasing turnover, inefficient human resources, wrong product mix, low value, and attractiveness are the most prominent of these problems.

We have measured that the businesses lose 35% of their profits every year due to these problems causing inefficiency they are aware of or not. VALURA CVMS was developed to detect inefficiencies and turn them into action steps by keeping the pulse of the business from 125 different points, especially company valuation.

Companies that have joined the Company Value Maximization System, which VALURA has finalized over the years, have been progressing with an average of 54% increase in company profit, company value, and investor attractiveness.

Packages Constituting the Company Value Maximization System

VALURA Service Packages VPR VPR + C.V.M.S. C.V.M.S. 365
InvestMeter - Investor Attractiveness Analysis + + + +
Corporate Governance Score + + + +
Projection and Cash Flow + + + +
Company Valuation + + + +
Macroeconomics and Sectoral Analysis + + + +
Comparative Financial Performance Analysis + + +
VPI - VALURA Performance Indicators + + +
Company Booklet + + +
Strategic Growth Plan + + +
Road Map and Action Plan + + +
Pareto Sales Analysis and Segmentation + +
Human Resource Score + +
Customer Score and NPS + +
3 Quarter Financial Performance Analysis + VPI +

Modules Constituting Company Value Maximization System

Company Valuation (Details)
Recasting and Financial Audit
Pareto Sales Analysis and Segmentation (Details)
Human Resource Score (Details)
Customer Score and NPS (Details)
InvestMeter - Investor Attractiveness (Details)
Corporate Governance Score (Details)
VPI - VALURA Performance Indicators (Details)
Financial Performance Analysis and Optimization (Details)
Strategic Growth Plan and Cash Flow Simulation (Details)
Road Map and Action Plan

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