Comfortable retirement, most important asset of shareholders might be their companies, business owners mainly invest what they have earned in their life to their business. If a business does not receive any demand from the investor side and does not have maximized value, this investment will be for nothing.

Transferring to another sector might seem like an option as the operating sector might change and lose the attraction. Consolidations and bankruptcy can be experience and lack of profit might block a sector for a long time. In this case, business owners might want to transfer to a better sector.

Creating resources for individual needs, predicted and unpredicted needs can emerge over time. If these needs are emergency situations like health, the importance of a sellable business can be clearly understood.

Allocating time to themselves and their loved ones; shareholders might neglect their families and loved ones with the motivation to establish a firm and intense tempo. Over the years, business owners will see the need for work-life balance.

Bull market; in some years, economic growth accelerates, interests decrease and cash abundance is experienced with monetary expansion. These processes are the correct time for sales with a higher valuation. These conditions can be considered to be turned into an opportunity.

Capital needs for growth; businesses need both rolling capital and investor capital to expand and grow the business and look for an investor. But if the business is not ready for this process, it is not possible to achieve the fuel for growth.

Disagreement among family members and lack of follow-up leader; this is one of the most important reasons. Family members (mainly other shareholders or heirs) might want different savings. Additionally, the lack of second-generation or insufficient second generations might lead to selling the company.

Disagreements between shareholders; none of the partnerships are formed to be broken but over time, different views might emerge and parties might want to put out.

Regardless of the reason, the most important responsibility of a shareholder must not be to profit more, have a higher turnover or grow faster. Main duty of a business owner is to create a business managed by individual-independent systems with maximized value and investment attraction.

Gökhan Acar / CEO

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