Peaceful retirement : The most important asset owned by the shareholder might be their company; company owners mostly invest their earnings during the lifecycle of the business in their businesses. Although it is understandable, all these investments will be wasted if their business is not demanded by the investor and their value is not maximized.

Switching to another sector : The sector in which the company operates may change over time and lose its attractiveness. Consolidations and bankruptcies may occur, unprofitability may block the sector for a long time. In such a case, business owners may want to switch to a better sector.

Creating resources for individual needs : Many predicted and unpredicted needs can emerge over time. When such needs are urgent as in the case of health, the importance of a salable business can be clearly understood.

Sparing time to themselves and loved ones : Shareholders might neglect their families and loved ones due to the intense pace and motivation of starting and growing a company. Over the years, business owners will see the need for balance in their lives.

Presence of a bull market : In some years, economic growth accelerates, interest rates decrease, money abundance is experienced with the monetary expansion. These periods are the correct times for sales with a higher valuation. They may be considered as an opportunity.

Capital needs for growth : The business needs new investments to meet the need for both working capital and investment capital in the periods when it needs to grow fast; thus, it seeks investors. However, if the business is not ready for the process, it fails to provide the required capital for growth.

Disagreement among family members and lack of follow-up leader : This is one of the most important reasons. Family members (mostly other shareholders or heirs) may wish to take different actions. Also, the lack of or insufficient second-generation following the founder might require selling the company.

Disagreements between shareholders : No partnership starts to break down, but differences of opinion can arise about the future of the business over time, and the parties may wish to leave.

Whatever the reason may be, the most important responsibility of a shareholder should not be to make more profit, to make more turnover, or to grow faster. The main duty of a business owner should be to create a business that is managed by systems independent of individuals, has a maximized value and investor attractiveness.

Gökhan Acar / CEO

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