Performance Monitoring

Regardless of the owner want to exit or not, we believe the most important responsibility of a business owner is to maximize the business value and create a company attractive to investors.

In our 12 months long 11 Steps Value Maximization Program our purpose is to guide business owners on a digital road map that will maximize their company's performance value and sell-ability.

With the assistance of VALURA Director, the customized roadmap converts business analyses into actions.

Thanks to periodical updates and monitoring as well as the use of VALURA KPI set, the company would enjoy a much-improved performance. Effects and reflection of any management decision could be monitored on company value.

In every financial quarter, VALURA Directors conduct financial performance, KPI, growth, action plan, InvestMeter and 360o Business Analysis updates and supports top management by leveraging data.

VALURA Program also includes various modules as digital transformation, quality management, working capital.

This way, owners who want to sell their business will have a sell-able and value maximized businesses. Even if the owner does not an exit plan would enjoy an owner-independent and sustainability growing business.

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