Economic Crisis Service Package

The current economic crisis is making radical changes in our social life. It will also dramatically affect our management approach. Managers should be proactive to these changes as quickly as possible. Companies that could rapidly react during the 2008 crisis created 150% more shareholder value than the competition. On the other hand, only 10% of all businesses were successfully transformed.

As the consumer demand is changing and declining, the production/service capability of companies had a hit. Top management is facing a devastating economic crisis. Our Economic Crisis Service Package was designed to offer managers a solid and doable action plan. Thus, top management not only has rapidly reacted but also have the opportunity to take the lead in the competition with the right strategic actions.

he Steps constitutes the Service Package
The first month of the 3-month long process is in-debt analysis, the second-month is the implementation and the third month is re-analysis and reconstructing the final adjustments.

The Service Pack includes the following steps.

  • The Stress Test,
  • Financial Performance and Competition Analysis,
  • Pareto Sales Analysis,
  • Expense Matrix,
  • 360° Business Analysis,
  • InvestMeter,
  • Company Valuation,
  • Projection Cash Flow Analysis,
  • Financial Optimization,

The Outcome
After analyzing hundreds of businesses each year and assisting them to achieve sustainable growth, VALURA has significant competence in identifying and solving problems.

By implementing the Service Package;
Management would structure a financially fit company, thanks to in-depth analysis of cash flow, expense, risk, profitability, and other financial metrics,
Sharpen the company focus to achieve sustainable growth by in-depth analysis of the product, customer, and channel mix,
And create a solid company infrastructure to utilize growth opportunities.

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