Service Agreement

Service Agreement


This Agreement was prepared to organize sales and usage conditions of online company valuation and business analysis services to customers by VALURA. Customer and VALURA have reached a complete agreement on abovementioned conditions.

İF Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti. 
Referred as “VALURA” hereafter.
PARTIES Address : Ağaoğlu My Office Barbaros Mah. Çiğdem Sok. No:1 Kat:4/18 34746 Ataşehir / İstanbul

Tax Office : Kozyatağı
Tax Register No : 0040269454

Customer: Individual or organization that approves this Agreement when registering to the online sales department.  



This agreement is effective after the online application of the Customer via VALURA website. This Agreement is valid for an indefinite period of time..


In all notifications by VALURA to the customer, e-mail address or GSM number reported by the customer during registration will primarily be used. Liabilities for the validity of this e-mail address and GSM belongs completely to customer.

The customer declares and accepts that information provided to VALURA during/after registration are correct and updated. In case of incorrect, missing, or invalid information provided by the customer to VALURA, customers accept that s/he cannot make any claim for compensation from VALURA for all related problems and damages.


VALURA installs its own system declared during online application of customer, brings paid services (except free services) into service after collecting the related amount from customer credit card, and notifies the customer.


Customer agrees and accepts to pay usage fees related to all VALURA services and related taxes (depending on the content of services). Fees will be collected in advance or with installments at the beginning of each usage period.

VALURA notifies services fees to customers via written document under the agreement, webpage, or e-mail. VALURA reserves the right to make any changes in all services pricing. Any changes in service fees will be notified to the customer via VALURA website and/or e-mail. If the customer continues to use VALURA services, the customer acknowledges and agrees executed agreement conditions and making payments based on existing price tariff.


The customer has the right to terminate this Agreement 15 workdays after notifying VALURA by making a written application (mail, e-mail) or by customer panel. In such cases, payment will not be refunded as the benefit provided by service cannot be measured. On the termination date of this Agreement, the debt of customer to VALURA will be collected form credit card of the customer on termination date. 

 Customer is responsible for the validity of credit card information for payment to VALURA since this Agreement is in force. If the expiration date of the credit card changes, the customer will notify VALURA about such change.

If VALURA fails to collect the payment from customer credit card, VALURA has the right to suspend the services provided to the customer or completely terminate this Agreement.


VALURA will make all the efforts for continuity of services provided to customers. Notwithstanding, VALURA does not undertake that VALURA services will meet the exact needs of the customer, continuous service, accuracy, and security level. VALURA has no liability for any direct and/or indirect damages due to usage and/or non-usage of any services under this Agreement to customer.


VALURA has the right to terminate this Agreement without showing any reason by written notification 15 business days prior to termination. In this case, payment of paid yet non-delivered services by VALURA are refunded to the customer. If the customer violates any conditions stated in this Agreement, VALURA has the right to stop delivery of services without prior notification and terminate this Agreement. In this case, previous payments will not be refunded to the customer. Customer can terminate the agreement for one year service period by notifying VALURA with the written application (mail, e-mail, fax) 15 business days prior to termination of this agreement.
If this Agreement is terminated when customer canceled the subscription, profile data will be passively stored, and financial data will be recorded for statistical data purposes without company connections.


Any changes in this Agreement approved by customer during online application will be published on address and notified to the customer. Customer is deemed to accept and acknowledge enforced agreement conditions by continuing to use VALURA services.


Authorised legal institution for the settlement of all disputes under this Agreement is İstanbul (Central) Commercial Court of First Insurance and İstanbul Directorate of Debt Collection.