I want to talk about how to turn simple ideas, actions, and applications into opportunities, how to turn satisfied customers into the walking advertisement with word-of-mouth, how to find potential buyers to products/services by quoting Mark Joyner that considers actions and practices in successful businesses.

The only way to achieve maximum profit is to use and apply different formulas.


Preparing and presenting irresistible offers. 

When irresistible offers are used adequately, these offers will instantly answer what do you want to sell me? How much? Why should I believe you? How will I benefit? to provide benefit to business in the most important marketing messages, word of mouth marketing and ensure benefits for sales in a short time, effectiveness and constant income.

Presenting to Correct Audience.

It is not important how amazing your product or service is. If you are in the wrong market, you cannot even get close to your sales targets.

If you are selling calculators, you cannot go to the beach. You will look for meetings where all the mathematicians will gather.

Methods to Sell the Second Glass: Sell the second glass (product/service) to the right audience.

You have found the correct audience. You are selling hairbrush.

“How about buying another brush with a 50% discount to your mother, daughter or a friend?”

Results: 3 hairbrush sales. Additional income and high profit for second and third hairbrush without marketing/promotion...

How to find the customer (thirsty audience) in three steps:

- Define the requirement/desire of a market.

- Find how to meet this requirement/desire with something you love to do and you do really well.

- Decide how and with which message you can reach to this market.


“If I tell them they will be in doubt...
If I make them tell me, they will fight until the end and they will accept this reality as its own.”

People want to have things they cannot have...

Be obstinate...

Be tough...

Be open...

Be yourself...

Let people know you...


Ekrem Kılavuz / Director

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